Care Package



Looking for the perfect gift for someone expecting?


Dr. Kailee Karst of Mindful Movement PT & I are teaming up and will be offering a combined package that includes a 60 minute postpartum physical therapy session and two 60 minute massage sessions. 

The physical therapy session will be a postpartum check in, that will look at different aspects of how the body changes post delivery. We will review basic posture, core work, and safe return to exercise or any other activities, and answer any questions that come up.

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Parker specializes in visceral mobilizations and postpartum care. The massage sessions will focus on re-regulating the nervous system, realigning the uterus, and providing education on self soft tissue work and scar tissue mobilizations if the birth was abdominal.

These sessions are a great way to help a new mom get some much deserved attention and self care in after the baby is born.

This package makes the perfect baby shower or blessing way gift, and make a great shared gift between friends and family.

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