In the postpartum periodmassage therapy can facilitate recovery from birth through enhanced circulation and lymphatic drainage; alleviate muscle strain and soreness caused by labor and delivery; provide adjunctive treatment of hemorrhoids, bladder disorders, and post- episiotomy soreness with reflex massage; rehabilitate the skin, connective tissue, and musculature of the abdomen; promote structural realignment of the psoas and pelvic musculature; facilitate healing from cesarean section using connective tissue and scar massage techniques; address the physical stress of caring for a newborn; and provide nurturing and emotional support during the early postpartum period.

wellness for you & baby

Receiving massage is highly beneficial for the pregnant & postpartum body to prepare for labor & recover after birth. Therapeutic touch can improve sleep patterns, encourage greater relaxation, alleviate stress on weight-bearing joints and soft tissue structures, increase circulation and decrease inflammation. More than just a treat, massage is a vital form of self-keeping both before & after pregnancy. 

Some of the benefits of massage therapy and bodywork in pregnancy and labor include:

emotional support in time of transition

lower & upper-back pain 


increased blood & lymph circulation

leg cramps

relief of muscle spasms


carpal tunnel syndrome

heartburn and acid reflux


nasal congestion

shortness of breath

edema of the lower extremities

neck & shoulder pain

sacroiliac and hip joint pain


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